2 hours weekly on-line sessions with bellydance, fusion, tribal fusion and self-confidence coaching sessions
3 months

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  • When you improvise you have the feeling of repeating yourself all the time?

  • You love to dance in public but your perfectionism prevents you to enjoy your dance?

  • You feel so much pressure wondering if people will love it or not, or what they 'll think of you?

  • You took so many workshops with so many teachers for years but you are still struggling when it come to improvising?

  • You want to be able to watch your own video without self judging yourself not good enough?

  • You think you cannot dance in improvisation in front of people because of your lack of technique, of rhythm, or just self-confidence?

  • You think that your body is not suitable because too fat or too skinny, too old or not flexible enough to be shown in front of an audience?

  • You would like to dance freely anytime without the fear of been a shame for your social circle?

  • You think you have an good technique but you don't have a good expression, or you don't know what to do with your hands, or how to fill the space?

 I have the solution for you


The program

Thanks to a caring community, made up of people who are looking for the same thing as you are, you will be able to:

  • Learn tips to be inspire in all circumstances

  • Learn how to use your actual technique in the best way possible

  • How to develop your presence, expression and deal with space and hands

  • Theory and practice to be able to recognize and adapt your dance to the song style

  • How to be able to be sticking to the music all the time

  • How to develop your own style and your own unique moves

  • We will work on a deep level on your self confidence

  • Tips to gain flexibility and improve the quality of your moves

  • Technical corrections to polish your posture, set your anchorage, be elegant anytime

  • We will work on any locks (mental and physical) to make you feel free to dance whenever and wherever you feel to.

  • And last but not least... to ENJOY your dance anytime and let the dance fill you with Joy and fulfillment


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167 EU
1 Months - 4 sessions

The program includes

  • A live session from 2h on Monday evening at 18h00 (CET) beginner to intermediate level, 20h00 (CET) advanced Level on ZOOM

  • A private Facebook group to share in the community and access the replay in case you miss a session.

  • a coaching session to scan your problems and unlock them

  • Exercises during the week to continue practicing and improving your improvisation skills

  • Playlists of the music used during the course;

  • Meditations and exercises to cultivate presence, self-confidence;

  • Theater and acting exercises to enhance your expression

  • Tips for incorporating the elegance and grace into your dance and into your everyday life.

  • Drills to polish your technique, hand, posture.

  • Personal development coaching

Shadow on Concrete Wall
444 eu
3 Months - 12 sessions