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1.5 hours weekly on-line sessions with coaching sessions for re-structuring the subconscious with powerful positive thoughts and reappropriation of your emotions and body through dance

  • You would love to dance and let go in public but your perfectionism prevents you from enjoying your dance?

  • Do you wonder if people will find you ridiculous or what they will think of you?

  • Do you wish you could watch your own videos or photos without judging yourself negatively?

  • You don't think you can dance in front of people because of your lack of technique, rhythm, or self-confidence?

  • Do you think your body is too fat, too thin, too old or not flexible enough to dance in public?

  • Would you like to dance freely at any time without fear of being a disgrace to those around you?

  • You don't know what to do with your hands, or how to fill the space?

  • Do you feel like you're repeating yourself all the time?

  • You've taken so many workshops with so many teachers for years, but you still have trouble dancing in front of people?

I have the solution for you


The program

Thanks to a caring community, made up of people who are looking for the same thing as you are, you will be able to:


  • Learn to let go of judgment and develop your presence and feelings through your body

  • Work on the subconscious level depth on your self-confidence and your positive attitude

  • Gain flexibility and improve the quality of your movements

  • Refine your posture, increase your anchoring, be elegant at all times

  • Release mental, physical and unconscious blockages so that you feel free to dance when and where you want

  • Enjoy your dance anytime and let it fill you with joy and fulfillment

  • Reconnect with your body and express your emotions through movement.

  • Reconnect to your inner child, rediscover your carelessness


What others say about it ...

  • 12 super powerful 1.30 hours long live sessions on ZOOM on Tuesday evenings at 8pm (CET)

  • Replays of your sessions for an unlimited time

  • A private Telegram group to share in a caring community of people who are on the same path as you, and to access the replay in case you miss a live session

  • A private 1h coaching session to target your specific issues

  • ​A method of immediate release of emotions that you can use in all circumstances

  • Playlists of music used during the class

  • Meditations and exercises to cultivate presence, self-confidence

  • Tips for embodying and nurturing your posture, elegance and grace into your dance and everyday life

  • Small challenges to boost your confidence

  • Exercises to refine your dance style

There is the possibility of spreading the payment on request . Contact us

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