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I help you dance your life and take it to the next level

HiI'm  Salwa 

I am a dancer, choreographer, teacher and coach .... but most of all, I'm a dreamer, dedicated to help my students become amazing dancers  regardless of their level or technical knowledge in bellydance and tribal fusion dance. And because dance is not only about technique, I lift their charisma and self-confidence to the next level, and make sure they are powerfully embodied. And for your special event I will create and direct a unforgettable show that will be unique and absolutely magical!


In this free training, you will learn the 3 common mistakes that young choreographers makes. 
If you need to choreograph for a big event, an open stage, a contest, these tips will help you do an original choreography for you or your students.

My welcome gifts to you

In this free training, you will learn many tips to get rid of what keeps you from flourishing when you need to improvise in public. Extract from my on-line class.

Whether you are beginner or advanced, these exercises allow you to learn or check out your technique but watch out the meditation at the end to help grow your charisma for everyday life or stage

What they say about it...


Hanane - Belgium


I have been taking Salwa's courses for almost 5 years and it is one of the most complete and varied in Brussels among those I have tested. Salwa is an impressive and inspiring dancer with original choreography and impeccable technique. I take the advanced technical course and he is a very strict and demanding teacher who clearly explains and breaks down the movements. She comes back every year with original choreographies and challenges on different styles so we always learn (saidi, baladi, drum solo, iraqi, veil, mejancé, tribal, etc.). I will recommend his course for all levels!


Vedrana - Croatie


One of the best oriental dance schools in Bruxelles for all dance levels, from children to experienced dancers. Salwa is an exceptional teacher, very knowledgeable in both theory and history of oriental dance, innovative in her choreographies, methodological in her teaching and very inspirational and encouraging in helping you advance in your dance. she focuses both on technical aspects of the dance while at the same time helping you explore your own signature style and grow as a dancer. very highly recommended.



This class gives you very useful tools to create a choreography starting by analyzing your music, your emotions and your movements. You also learn very practical tips to work with your music and to develop your own signature movements. I can warmly recommend Salwa's web course, just be ready to commit to it and make time for it in your calendar! It works, but you have to work too. The things you learn can serve you in all your choreography creations in the future. Thank you Salwa for your warm-hearted and personalized guidance!



To dance with Salwa is to discover the woman who is in you

The one who asks only to live, to smile, to blossom.

Salwa is not just an excellent oriental dancer who shares her knowledge of the art of this dance, she is also a wonderful woman who helps you find your own dance.

Today, I have the chance to participate in her online classes during which she helps us to work on our perception of ourselves, of our dance.

Through (international) exchanges between dancers, via meditations, exercises, challenges, homeworks, she leads us to explore the joys that dance brings in all its forms.

A happiness that I advise you to come and share.

Katja - Finland

Claire - Belgium

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